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Personal Response

I beleive that absurdism is the most intresting "ism" in theatre because it makes theatre more dramatic and funny along with seriousness.  I found that one good play can change the whole course of theatre, this play was Waiting for Godot.  One thing I didn not like about absurdism is the fact that it was not born earlier. Maybe if it developed earlier it would have made a whole difference on how people do every day things.


What I liked most about absurdism, was the response of society to it's grotesque manner when it first arrived.  They were afraid at first, but the reality of the play's later intrigued audiences.  The only thing I did not like about absurdism was that some playwrights took it to the extreme.  The meaning behind some plays were not clear to some audiences at first, it was only clear to the person who wrote it.