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How is absurdism expressed in other arts?
How did absurdism develop?
How did absurdism end?
How did absurdism influence theatre that followed?
Biography of an absurdist playwright
Biography of an absurdist actor
"Waiting for Godot"
culture during the absurdism time period
How is absurdism expressed in other arts?
5 things you should know about absurdism
Personal Response
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How did absurdism begin?

Today's comedies, at least most of them, are funny in different ways from those of decades past. In both texture and substance the comedy of The Simpsons and Seinfeld is worlds apart from the comedy of Leave it to Beaver and The Jack Benny Show.  The flavor of humor offered by today's comedies is colder, based less on a shared sense of humanity than on a sense of "world-weary cleverer-than-thou-ness." 
Absurdism is also shown in comedy acts.  For example, the "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" is a great example of the overexaggeration that absurdism portrays.  The comedians, Jeff Foxworthy for example, make beer and cigarettes the main event of his opening act. He acts like the world of a "hick" or 'hillbilly" revolves around theses things and makes their reality sound absurd compared to the everyday life of an average man.