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How did absurdism develop?

How did absurdism develop?
How did absurdism end?
How did absurdism influence theatre that followed?
Biography of an absurdist playwright
Biography of an absurdist actor
"Waiting for Godot"
culture during the absurdism time period
How is absurdism expressed in other arts?
5 things you should know about absurdism
Personal Response
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How did absurdism begin?


    Although Samuel Beckett and Eugene Ionesco are two of the most famous absurdist playwrights, Harold Pinter is now the leading English language playwright in the genre.  In his plays, Pinter never finds in necessary to explain why things occur or who anyone is, the existence within the play itself is justification enough.  Pinter used the idea of absurdism and made it his own.  He added on to the elements of the absurd that already existed.  This new interpretation of absurdism was widely seen around the late 1950's; one example is Pinter's play "The Room."  Mr. Ionesco's work was often linked to Samuel's Beckett's, but most of his works were funnier than Beckett's, more verbal, richer in farcical action and far less despairing.